Ionic application cache/phone memory keeps increasing when Google Map is added

I am developing simple functionality with Google Map in Ionic 1.7.

Application loads Google Map initially with some default markers fetched from API. When user clicks on Markers,he will see details associated with that location like Location Address etc. This loop continues on ‘dragend’ event of Google Map.

Problem: After 2-3 hours typically I get Error Message in Http response, Data= null and status=null.

Observation is that Cache/Phone memory (depending on Android version) keeps increasing on each call when we add Markers to Google Map. If we comment out Marker code and run application the scenario never replicated.

Options already have tried and have not worked:

  1. no-cache in ion-view
  2. Reload=true when I call state.go
  3. In app.js: .state(‘main’, {
    url: ‘/’,
    abstract: true,
    templateUrl: ‘templates/main.html’,
    cache: false
  4. $ionicConfigProvider​.views.maxCache(0);

I am not able to figure out root cause of the same.