Ionic app working fine in browser but not in phone

I have an Ionic app which has the firebase as a backend. App working fine with ionic serve --lab but when i build this app with phonegap build, .apk file installs and open its static pages correctly but when i click on any of the component which accesses the firebase it doesn’t work then. Why this is happening? How to debug then? Plz help

you can debug with chrome on the address: chrome://inspect

Hey thanks for your reply. Even my app working flawless with phonegap serve on my phone but it’s apk version not working…so chrome inspect will serve my purpose to debug .apk ?

Yes it will, in chrome u can see a small version of the app and you will be able to use the console to inspect the errors you are getting:

Cool…!!! Thanks @sjerd

chrome://inspect is not working, when i enable developer option and USB debugging in my Android Device. chrome://inspect is not showing any connected devices…Do i need to install Android SDK as well in my system to inspect the app?

I don’t really know the requirements with phonegap build because i use the ionic cli. But you should be able to read all about it here:

i have followed all the steps given in that but it is not showing any device connected.

What could be an issue that i’ve encounterd is that you don’t have the driver for your phone on your pc. Like HTC devices somehow need the HTC sync manager, and Samsung devices need Samsung Kies.

When i build my app to android and test that app in phone it gives the
following error “firebase.js:132 GET…76767676&_method=POST&v=js-2.0.6&transport=json&suppress_status_codes=true 404 (Not Found)”.
I have installed cordova whitelist plugin, also allowed intent but nothing is happening.
please help me. please

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I see you’re performing a GET request and in the url _method = POST. Dont know if it matters but you could try changing your request method to POST ?

Yeah thanks, one more thing plugin folder should be inside the www folder ? Actually when i build my app from phonegap build i need to zip my www folder but all my plugins like appbrowser and whitelist Cordova are in plugin folder which is outside www folder.

No i don’t think so. You should probably upload the entire root directory since there are a lot of things missing from the www directory(config.xml, package.json, ionic.project). Also i recommened using the ionic CLI which let’s you build locally, faster and has no size limit. It’s as easy as opening the terminal. navigating to your project and type.
ionic platform add android and after that
ionic run android with your device plugged in.

Thank you so much you helped a lot. Actually i tried to install android SDK many time but once it done successfully , every time when i try to build it gives error like ‘android 22 is missing to build this app’. That’s why i have used phonegap build…I think i am missing something to zip before uploading to phonegap build

I also facing the same issue.
so did you get any solution for this issue