Ionic App utilizing Amazon AWS Javascript SDK - issue

I am attempting to use Amazon AWS Javascript for Browser SDK. When running my ionic app in a browser on my desktop the calls to AWS work. When I load the app in either the emulator/simulator or on the device (Android or iPhone) I get a 403 Forbidden response when attempting to call the Amazon AWS functions. The only difference I see on the request headers is the Origin. On the desktop browser it is set to http://localhost:8100, but on the request sent from the emulators or devices that Origin is set to file://. Everything I have read so far would suggest that I would be having 403 Forbidden issues with the desktop browser (CORS related) and not the app running on the device, however that is not the case for me. It is the exact opposite in my scenario.

Too make it easier for someone to assist, I have setup a github repository ( [][1] )

I have attached pictures of the 200 (browser on desktop response) and 403 (app on android phone)