Ionic app not responding/ stuck

Hello my app was working well, and then one day i added the animate.css CDN.

My all loaded my first page but any video from Cloudinary would not work

All Ajax calls seems to be hanging on the android device and i see the following in the network tab, seems everything action is waiting in a queue, for polyfills.js

Below is what i see full on Console window

Guys this is urgent i am badly stuck even after i removed the last CDN add on. it appears the ionic app didnt load all components? or couldnt and not is stalling?

I have deleted the platform android and re added android

i have done multiple builds and runs on 2 devices

Will really appreciate your help

What does that mean?

i added the CDN for Animate.css and was working on animation on the app and the device run’s haven’t worked the same since then. I have gone back to 2 older revisions since the issue started and still its very intermident. Can you help

I still have no idea what


it means in the head tag of the Index.html

I added a CSS library reference to

and i started seeing this issue of every ajax request being stuck as pending. It appears that first few http or AJAX requests do go as i can see some of the screen but any request after the first load is dead – means its stuck on (pending) in the network tag on the device. its working fine on the web.

i have 2 devices 1 S4 and 1 S7. both are stuck after we introduce the CSS (

When i remove it from index.html the S4 is slow but starts to work but S8 is dead only first page is loading and the other pages are not. on all pages post loading the ajax requests are stuck on pending.

Can you help

Created a new project still intermittent issue but i think its wih video player

will make a new ticket on that