Ionic App Launch Question

I have been researching different foundations for building Android and iOS apps from a single source and Ionic is one of the finalists that I am considering. However, I wanted to check with you all in the Ionic community to see how your experience has gone with launching your Ionic apps to iOS. Have you run into any issues at all with approval of the apps? I know that Apple has implemented some stricter standards this year and just want to make sure to choose the best possible solution before getting started.

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See: Apples new policy 2018

I released an app a while back that had an integrated PayPal pay feature, but because it was using an in app browser and not Safari™ or the messaging app they rejected it. Had to kick it out to Safari, which made for a much less pleasant user experience, but whatchu going to do.

I also have a tobacco app released, which they realized was a tobacco app after releasing it, and I’m no longer able to update it until I remove references to tobacco. Which is assuredly frustrating as it’s an older version and people keep buying it.

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Apple guys are such pussies :joy::joy: