Ionic App Errors only in Apple review process

I’m on my 8th submission for this app, and it’s getting rejected because the content fails to load. My app works by loading content from a remote server on startup. It looks like all requests are failing.

The worst part is I have no way of replicating the issue that’s happening only in the review process. I’ve tested on every available emulator, including different versions of iOS, 13.1, 12.4, 11.1. I’ve also tested on iPhone 10. In EVERY SINGLE test the app works as intended.

I’ve added remote logging (which fails to send to server as well). I’ve resorted to logging my errors to the screen so that when Apple inevitably sends me a screenshot of the error message I can get some glimpse of whats happening.

I’ve been able to narrow down the exact request that is failing first (even though all http requests are failing) and in my next submission I will try and log better why it’s failing.

Also to note I’m using the Cordova Network Plugin, and it’s reporting that there is no internet access, but the reviewer claims they are connected.

I’m very much at a loss what to do other then just try more detailed logs… Apple is really driving me crazy with their stupid review process.

OH the kicker is I have EXACTLY the same app deployed in the app store right now!! just with a different white label and it’s functioning fine.