Ionic app can't connect to Backand on device

Hi everyone !

I’ve made a lot of searches before posting this but here is the catch :
My app is a kind of simple to-do list app and I’m using Backand as a backend.
When I do “ionic serve --lab” I can connect to Backand and add info in my DB and same thing when I do “ionic run” (android or iOS).

I’ve packaged the app to run it on my android device but once installed, I cannot add any info in my DB. Apparently I cannot connect to Backand when I’m running the app directly on the device.

I can’t figure out if it’s something due to the auth to Bakand or something else.
(for now the auth is with AnonymousAccess with AnonymousToken)

Does one of you have any idea to solve this problem or at least to debug/intercept the request when running the app from the device ?