Ionic app and using


I am building an app that uses I’ve tested it on desktop (using ionic serve) and it works.

I am facing a issue that has nothing to do with ionic, but with how people test ionic and

  1. My IP keeps changing(dhcp) and and keeps returning me error: promise failed Error: Origin “http://IP:8100/” does not match any registered domain/url on

If I add my IP to app it works.

But as you can imagine, it fails every time I get a new IP. Can someone tell me how they circumvent this issue? I tried adding *, but that doesn’t work on dashboard.

Perhaps a way ionic serve can bind to localhost or, which can be whitelisted?
But I can’t find any configuration related to that.

  1. Also, If someone can throw some light on how everything will work on inAppBrowser? I haven’t gone that far, but I guess will freak out? What configuration needs to be done for to work in a ionic app (when it gets installed on ios or android).

Please shed your experience on how do you test your app with My IP keeps changing and everytime I have to add the new ip to the domains and url whitelist of

Is there any other way?