@ionic/angular vs ionic-angular

I’m trying to install ionic-tooltips (ionic-tooltips - npm)
and one of its dependencies is ionic-angular
by default when I created my app @ionic/angular was added
what are the differences between those both and what should I use?

thanks in advanced

Hi @pro1,

It seems that ionic-angular@^3.9.2 mentioned in your link is the npm package of the old version of Ionic from 0 to 3.9.10.

@ionic/angular is the “new” npm package for Ionic from 4 to latest version.

Depending on the actual Ionic version of you app (I supposed that you are running Ionic 4 or above) you should consider using the beta version npm i ionic-tooltips@4.0.0-beta.0 (that i don’t recommend) !

thanks @GThireau1,
I understand from your answer that I should look for another library?

Indeed I think that you should look for another libraby.

This one could probably work fine but it look deprecated and no longer maintained (last release two year ago and a lot of issue opened with no responses).

The good new is that I found a fork of this repo ionic4-tooltips that may help you.