Ionic Angular strange behaviour

I have strange behaviour with Ionic 5 Angular 10.

My app have notification feature that allow user to navigate to specific page based on notification type. Unfortunately in Android device i need to separate notification action based on app state (background or foreground). When app is in background the Push Notification shown, but when App running in foreground i modified my function using Local Notification because idk why the Push Notification did’nt work in Android foreground.

Here is my local notification handling code

import { NavigationExtras, Router } from ‘@angular/router’;
import { ActionPerformed as LocalNotificationActionPerformed, LocalNotifications } from “@capacitor/local-notifications”;


constructor (private router: Router) {}


LocalNotifications.addListener(‘localNotificationActionPerformed’, (res: LocalNotificationActionPerformed) => {
let params: NavigationExtras = {
queryParams: {chatToEmployeeId: res.notification.extra.employeeId}
this.router.navigate([’/friend-list/chat’], params);

I have a button with property [disabled] that using function to return true or false based on some condition.

<ion-textarea placeholder=“Type a message…” id=“newMsg” name=“newMsg” class=“message-input” rows=“1” autoGrow=“true” style=“max-height: 100px;” maxLength=“500” ngModel [(ngModel)]=“newMsg”>

<ion-button id=“sendMsg” [disabled]=“isDisabled()” class=“msg-btn” (click)=“sendMessage()”>

isDisabled() {
return this.newMsg == ‘’ ? true : false;

When user tap the notification from Push Notification, it’s working fine. But, when user tap from Local Notification, the button always disabled, idk why, i’ve tried many different ways, but no one works for me.