Ionic/Angular app getting errors while ofline

so I have a Ionic-Angular app, and it preforms really well until the user goes offline. We followed all the angular procedures to make sure all modules are available offline on load but now we are seeing ionic errors as they are not caching unless the user visits the pages before going offline. This is the only issue we have remaining for offline mode and cannot find the source of the issue. Since it’s Ionic, I thought I’d post it here first for some insight. Using Angular 15, Angularfire 7.5, Ionic 7.2

I had a user that reported this issue on one of my apps, he got an alert “failed to fetch” while offline.
Were you able to figure anything out?

Honestly no. We noticed its only happening on pages that have icons though. If the user visits the pages prior to going offline, it all works as everything is cached. We followed all the angular and PWA procedures for offline procedures too.

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So this will sound dumb but as of Angular 15, they changed the env files and switched them so your previous production is now dev unless you switch it in the config. We had the config in place but still did not work and have now updated the env file names to the up to date standard in Angular 15+. We are now finally running in production mode and offline mode is much better, especially with service worker running too. We did like the debugging while in dev mode but it caused a few issues. Hope that helps!

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This is good to know. I’ll have to look into it. I’m not sure what mine is doing.

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Pm me the errors and I’ll see if I can help out