Ionic/angular Android Http not working

This is not true, and IMHO the Angular HttpClient should be preferred over any other option unless you need SSL certificate pinning. It has orders of magnitude more eyes on it, and since it does more minutia for you, your app code is considerably leaner and easier to read.

That was my feeling too which is why I am at a loss as to why it’s not working on my Android device today.

Add to your androidmanifest.xml file in your android studio project this:


in the application tag and let me know how it goes

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Hi. Yes I’ve tried that and it made no difference. This is so odd I’m wondering if it could be an issue with the SSL cert on the server or something.

I use Qualys to troubleshoot stuff like that.

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I would suggest creating an empty android project and making a request to that same server… You can also try an empty project with the itunes api and see if that works… then work from there.

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Hi @eliasminima can you please show how to do this? What do you mean by allow cars in your json config file?

I am still having this issue on an Ionic 5 with Angular project. My http requests using the Angular HttpClient work fine on browser, iOS, iOS Emulator, and Android Emulator, but fails on Android devices.