ionic_angular_1.ionicBootstrap is not a function


I’ve upgraded my app to beta-8 and changed the things needed according the changelog, but im getting the error ionic_angular_1.ionicBootstrap is not a function .

Did anyone else got this?


The code looks OK, unless I’m not missing something. It’s a pretty strange error. Did you run npm install to update the packages and the dependencies?


Yeah, I deleted node_modules and reinstalled them. That wasn’t the issue. I have it working now though, I had ionic serve running while updating to beta 8. I guess it didn’t recompile successfully when I had updated the code. Once I restarted the ionic serve it worked again.

Sigh :sweat:

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It could happen. I’m glad that you managed to find the problem. I guess that it was caused by the fact that the build steps executed before serve haven’t been executed as the serve has been already running before the update.


This also happened to me, also figured out it was because ionic serve was running. Maybe we can add something to upgrade notes reminding people to close any active serve sessions when upgrading?