Ionic Android emulator only shows a black screen


After following all installations instructions and setup a starter theme tried to add the android SDK installed all emulator packages and the SDK/API version 19.

Al good so far, I made a custom emulator package with HAX on OSX and installed the packages.

Problem is the emulator only shows a black screen.

Does this ring any bels and anyone knows a solution to this problem?


Hi @jorrie,

I get this black screen problem when I have errors in my code.

Can you run the following and let us know the results?:

adb logcat



yes, please run with your console > adb logcat
or maybe use this > adb logcat -s "CordovaLog"


Thanks guys,

I assume it has errors in the code, will try your suggestions and post back here as reference for other users that might hit this topic in the future