Ionic and white blank screen with android 4

Ionic 3 and white blank screen with android 4
Hello every one ,
I search everywhere to solve my problem
I finish my app and its works fine on browser but when I build apk or run it on emulator I got white blank page , I try default emulator , genymotion ,bluestak and memu emulators but all the same result .
Finally I install XWALK plugin to my app and now its works fine on my phone but it generate tow apk android-armv7-debug.apk and android-x86-.apk now which apk I should publish to google play market to works fine on all devices
And is there any solution to app works without XWALK plugin ?

This blank screen problem is caused by error in your coding.
Try to remove certain NPM packages or other lines of codes you added recently.
As soon as you fix it, it will go back to normal.

Ionic 3 app works well only on minimum of Kitkat OS (4.4). Previous versions will not support ionic 3 app. I personally faced the same issue