Ionic and polymer - work on browser, won't on android

Hi. I’ve made an app with ionic and it run on the chrome but won’t run on android ionic build.
Any idea why and how to solve it?

I’ve had the same problem, let them know on Twitter so I believe a fix is in the pipeline. For me I can get Polymer elements to render but clicks are ignored.

Hey guys, thanks for pointing this out. I created an issue for it.


AFAIK, polymer doesn’t work in Cordova, so what’s the use case? It’s possible the user may want to take a look at

As for the click events, data-tap-disabled=“true” on polymer elements should do the trick.

I got Polymer to work fine with Cordova.

It works best on Android 4.4+ though.


For those who wants polymer to play nice with older versions of Android, can try this: This allows you to ship your android app with chromium webview instead of the android built-in webview.