Ionic and problem

Hi, can someone help me with this problem.

I created an app that pulls data of First section of the app is something like timeline and i tried to get data when app starts. The problem is that app can’t execute function when it starts and my timeline stays without data. When I pull to refresh app gets data without errors. Could someone have clue what could be the problem?

More explanation:
I start Parse.initialize on $ionicPlatform.ready()…
I created factory that checks if there is internet connection and after that calls query or throws error. But as i can see from my console.log tests factory stops before i call IF statement to check if device is offline.
In my view controller i activate that factory function.

In chrome it all work just fine.

Here are some parse boilerplates not might help you out. – seems to have more features than the rest. I have ionic analytics integrated in my branch of the repo