Ionic and firebase - no data in emulator and ionic view

Hi everything works in the browser no errors in the console. when I try preview in ios emulator or ionic view app does not load any data. Do I need to install any plugins ?

Check all the modules you are using for the following

  1. If they are listed in the app.module()

  2. If they are in your folder directory

  3. For any project you are doing, do not just copy and paste dependencies, alwways do fresh installations.

Also note that, everything works fine cos of the script tag in your html, your browser simply act as a normal request it does but emulators and devices do not just rely on the script tags, they also check the modules or dependencies if listed on the app.module() or are in any folder.

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Hi pinson, you pushed me in the right direction, module services were ok my controllers weren’t ready for minification.

I had
app.controller(‘Controller’ , function($scope, $firebaseArray, $state, $stateParams)…

instead of
app.controller(‘Controller’,[ ‘$scope’, ‘$firebaseArray’, ‘$state’, ‘$stateParams’,function($scope, $firebaseArray, $state, $stateParams)…