Ionic and Crosswalk apk

I have a problem with crosswalk. I generate the 4 arcchicehture apks (armv7, arm64, armx86_64, arm_x86) apks with:

cordova build android --release
cordova build android -- release --xwalk64bit

When i tried to publish the apk’s in google play it say to me:

Se ha sustituido el APK por completo PROBLEMA Ningún usuario podrá ver este APK porque uno o varios APK con códigos de versión superiores lo han sustituido por completo. RESOLUCIÓN Retira este APK de la versión o revisa los códigos de versión y segmentación de los APK incluidos en esta versión."

The problem is that the arm7 and arm64 for google is the “same version” and the “x84” and “x84_64” too.

Is any way to solve this?


códigos de versión superiores lo han sustituido por completo


podrá ver este APK porque uno o varios APK con códigos de versión superiores

means that the problem is linked with the automated android-versionscode apk number? Should the x84 and x84_64 have a different build number, maybe? Or are you submitting a build with the same number as a previous build you would have published?

Just some thougts…

P.S.: If at the end that would be a problem and you would have to manage by yourself the versionscode for android, normally you don’t have to, but if really you have to … you could have a look there, I recently had to do that when I removed Crosswalk [SOLVED] Android store update successfully pushed but not noticed on devices

The versión code is diferent in xml i have:

but in the generated apk and i upload to

(when i upload the apk i have:)
100004, 100002, 10009, 10006

and if you upload first the apk x86 and then x86_64?

Honestly don’t know, the error msg just say that the versionscode have to have a superior number right?


x86: 100004
x86_64: 10006

so x86 > x86_64 … isn’t that what the android console is trying to say, that since x86_64 versionscode is small, no user gonna install it because x86 versionscode is higher?

something like that

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It works!
Phonegap add an extra zero in some cases.
Thanks a lot!

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Awesome, nice to hear you solved it, congrats!