Ionic always start on splascreen

I’m having troubles, because ionic does not remember where the user was before aplication is closed, or a large time has pass between app open.

Somebody has detect similar effect?

There is a config param to solve that?


You could save in localstorage the state name each time you change it and check for it when opening the app.

I believe its expected behaviour, at least when its closed.

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why it’s not the default behavior? Any idea?

Because that’s not what people wants generally because it means saving state and stateParams as well to restore it and also you may to have to restore also some service states if they keep inner data so it can be quite complex for non trivial apps.

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I understand your point, but when you say people i think that you are referring only developers because as a user I think that what I expect to see in the app in the same state that It was when I exited. not? may be it’s a flame war, and i don’t want it :),

I’m only curious.

I meant that if this was the default behaviour, this would only work for trivial applications and as soon as you as a developer will build a more complex app; this behaviour will fail for the reasons I explained.

It’s mainly because the framework has no way to know what represents the state of your application, this is a webapp with mobile constraints.

As you can see in this forum, Ionic attracts lots of beginners, having a default behaviour that would fail at some point would be very frustrating.

@ibaiapellaniz proposed a simple solution that will work for simple apps,

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