Ionic 7 Swiper 11 Cannot set parameter using [options]

I can’t seem to set the Swiper JS version 11 parameters using angular method of [options]=“swiperOptions”.

My code is as below.

  <swiper-container [options]="recentPostSliderOpts" slides-per-view="1.2"  class="discover-top-banner">
    <swiper-slide *ngFor="let toplatestpost of toplatestposts">
           <!-- More codes here -->

My code on typescript

import { SwiperOptions } from 'swiper/types';

recentPostSliderOpts: SwiperOptions = {
   pagination: true

I have tried using both [options] and [config] - suggested by someone, with no luck.
Can someone help with this? I have looked thru the documentation and couldn’t find anything mentioning about any changes.