Ionic 7 scrolling issue


We have this strange issue and I am not sure what the problem is and wondered if anyone else has this problem. It looks like when you scroll while something is loading it then delays loading.

We recently updated our ionic web app from ionic 5 to ionic 7 (ionic/angular 7.0.3 to be exact) and from what I can remember this did not seem to be an issue before and customers seem to be only reporting this issue after we updated.

The video below shows the issue:

And this video shows if you do not scroll everything loads:

On the above videos, I have used a mid-tier mobile as it is easier to replicate the issue but this still happens without any throttling.

We can workaround this by loading the icons before hand but the issue still persists and then delays on something else. For example, we are using Parse as a backend, it will then delay loading on a Parse query with an await.

Any ideas on what could be the issue?

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