Ionic 6, Vue, accessibility, progress bar status

our app has the capability to upload new firmware to our devices, over the air.

there is a progress bar, and a remaining seconds count

I want the progress bar position % to be announced by voiceover without user intervention

looking thru the online doc for aria and vue

they recommend
min and max are defaulted (0/100% respectively…)
but that doesn’t work.

  • The read-only aria-valuenow should be provided and updated unless the value is indeterminate, in which case don’t include the attribute. If set, make sure the aria-valuenow value is between the minimum and maximum values.

the variable is progress

this.progress = this.currentDataPos/this.datatoSend.length
the user can forcibly get the value and it reports whole number % 25, 76, 98… altho the value is maybe 9 decimal places…

any other suggestions?