Ionic 5 Routing / How to "skipLocationChange" in a "Tab App"?


I’ve converted my app to a PWA and i’ve noticed that, when I change the route, the url changes too:
for example if my app runs on localhost:8100 when i click “home” the url becomes localhost:81/home

I’ve fixed this using this.router.navigate([’/home’], {skipLocationChange: true}); and my url bar now only shows localhost:8100

The problem is with the Tabs: if i click on the tabs, even if I use skipLocationChange, the url changes too, as you can see from the image below.


There is a way from preventing the url bar to changes or to show the full path when I click on the tabs?
My goal is to keep the url bar always with “localhost:8100” even if the path changes.

thank you!

that is not possible at all

Oh, that’s bad :frowning:
Thank you for the reply