Ionic 5 PWA - .gitignore

I have a general question regarding setting up my .gitignore. I know a generic .gitignore is generated with the Ionic project, but if I am hosting a my PWA on firebase are there any firebase files that I should include in the .gitignore to make sure nothing sensitive gets tracked?

I haven’t found many resources on what “best practices” for .gitignores in this scenario, sorry if this is a repeat question.

to get started, what would do you consider sensitive? and there you have something to begin with…

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I have in my .gitignore. All other stuff is ok (firebase.json). I don’t think it is sensitive stuff, but no need to publish internal caching stuff of firebase


Hi Tom, thanks for the feedback. How about .firebaserc? I noticed that was ignored in a firebase demo project. It contains the firebase proj name. Think it makes sense to also ignore that, right?

Not needed for others to redeploy as own project

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