Ionic 5 - ion-refresher MD mode

Hi !

Is there a way to use ion-refresher in MD native mode for both platform, Android and iOS ?
I know that there is some Ionic components that allow to do it like that :

<ion-refresher md="ion-refresher-md" ios="iod-refresher-md" />


At the moment, you’d have to set the icons on the refresher-content

But there’s not mode prop or something.

Thanks for you answer ! Ok I see, but is there any possibility to “imitate” the MD dragging effect (bubble dragged down) on iOS, instead of the iOS effect where the entire ion-content is dragged down ?

Mmm, not really right now. It tries to follow what the platform dictates. But if you open an issue for it, we can discuss it and track it

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Ok I’ll open an issue, thanks again :ok_hand: !