Ionic 5 Framework - ion-reorder-group modify height not possible

I want to change the height of my ion-reorder-group. I already am able to use my ion-reorder-group. I can drag and drop items. But now I want to be able to change the height tot 50% so it shows my maps and reorder group at once on the page. And I guess I want my reordergroup to be scrollable on that 50% of the page also? Tried with virtual scroll didn’t work. Anyone any ideas or suggestions?

    <ion-reorder-group (ionItemReorder)="onItemReorder($event)" disabled="false">
        <ion-item *ngFor="let item of [].constructor(5); let i = index">
          <ion-icon color="secondary" name="location-outline"></ion-icon>
            <p><small>Test {{i}}</small></p>
          <ion-reorder slot="end"></ion-reorder>
    <google-map [options]="mapOptions" height="50%" width="100%"></google-map>