Ionic 5 - Disable swipe to previous page

I’m unable to disable the swipe to go back in my app.

I have my auth page, and after the user log in with credentials, the user is able to swipe back to the log in page, I don’t want this behavior but I can’t find how to stop this with the new Ionic documentation

I was thinking of cleaning the stack of pages after the user gets logged or disabling the swipe action only in the page after the auth process.

Which one is a better practice? Could anyone provide the code or documentation to achieve any of both process?

Thanks in advance!

You can disable “swipe to go back” for the whole application by adding it to the Ionic Conf in app.module, but normally it should work if you set replaceUrl: true in the Navigation

Could you provide the complete example of code just to understand the whole syntax of it?

No i can’t, i’m in holiday :smiley: You are redirecting with the NavController right? Just set the Value in the Options

Have a great time!
Yes, I set the values and it works, thanks!