Ionic 5 Dark theme Android

I have developed an Ionic 5 App but I´m having problem with dark theme.
I have in my variable.scss file the following code:
@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
In IoS device it works nicely, and when I switch between light/dark theme its automatically applied when I go back to the app.

In android, when I switch from light theme to dark theme I have to restart the app to changes being applied, and it works fine. But when I switch from dark to light then the app continue showing the dark theme styles even if I restart the app.

The only way I have found to go back to light theme is clearing the data of the app and starting it again with system prefference with dark mode disabled.

Thanks in advance

You have to remove .dark class to come to light mode or add .dark class to enable dark mode
You have to add or remove .dark class in body tag.