[Ionic 5] Custom menu animation (registerAnimation missing?)

Hello fellow Ionic developers.
I’m trying to make a new animation for my app’s menu but every information i got on internet tells about a MenuController method called registerAnimation that went missing around v4.11.9 as you can see in the next link:

I asume there’s a new proper way to register your brand new awesome animation but i can’t get any docs about that. When you want to, e.g., use it in a modal you just add your animation as a parameter, but in the menu you can’t do that, at least i think so


Seems that for v5 2 methods were removed from MenuController class:

  isAnimating() {
    return menuController.isAnimating();

   * Registers a new animation that can be used with any `ion-menu` by
   * passing the name of the animation in its `type` property.
   * @param name The name of the animation to register.
   * @param animation The animation function to register.
  async registerAnimation(name: string, animation: AnimationBuilder | ((menu: MenuI) => IonicAnimation)) {
    return menuController.registerAnimation(name, animation as any);

I’m pretty sure there is a new way of customizing ionic’s menu animation but it isn’t documented yet.
If anyone knows anything about the new method please tell