Ionic 5 Components

Hi everybody.

I have created five custom components, which I want to use in one page however more than two components are not shown at the same time. The components are loaded, I have tested it via console.log on ngOnInit(). There is no problem of loading of components but showing them.
And when I change the calling order on my html page only first above ones will be shown. Is there any way to handle this issue?

in my

<app-notes cdkDrag> </app-notes>

  <app-player cdkDrag></app-player>

  <app-online-sources cdkDrag></app-online-sources>

  <app-kiosk cdkDrag></app-kiosk>

App notes and app player will work only. When I change the order of the components then the first two only will be shown.

Thanks all in advance.

Can you provide public access to a repository (such as on GitHub) containing enough code that others can reproduce the problem?

Was CSS issue… I have solved it. Thanks