Ionic 4 Virtual Scroll + Infinite Scroll + Item Sliding

Could use a little assistance with this one. I thought I had found an older post that addressed this, but the post is a bit cryptic and I believe it was for Ionic 3.

So…I have a Virtual Scroll paired with an Infinite Scroll and inside the Virtual Scroll I have objects. The problem occurs when you slide one of the items open and then scroll. It seems like a different random item will be slid open and not the one that you had originally slid open.

I don’t mind closing all the slid open items on scroll, but I cannot figure out how to do that. OR…if there is a way to maintain the item that was originally slid open, that would be alright as well. I tried adding [trackBy] with a track by function to the virtual scroll, but that didn’t make a difference.

Anyone encounter this before and have a possible solution?