Ionic 4 video tag not work in android 7

use video tag and audio but not work in android 7 with chrome v51. Run without problems in android 8.

the audio / video works with an external url, but with a local file in the directory android / data / app / … it does not finish loading and finally it fails. to get the route I use WebView.convertFileSrc. The tests you perform indicate that the file exists (with which the path is correct) but does not load. The same file hosted on an external server and indicating the url works without any problem.

ionic v4.12
Cordova v12

Hi @hugo75,
any update or success as I have encountered in same problem.
Thanks in advance

Hi. I have not seen an answer from ionic. The problem comes from specific devices, in my case a Meizu with Android Flame. Which does not bring by default Google services or Google play store. In spite of downloading the services and installed the google play store and downloading from the latter the webview in its latest version. When launching the ionic app, it continues using the version of the webview that the operating system brings and ignores the installed webview from google play. I had no choice but to remove the webview ionic plugin and have the routing work with cordova (“file” instead of http). And other problems is that the load of the views on these devices is too slow and most ionic controls events do not work correctly and the scss does not accept them (and that the device has version 7 of android). With which I had to remove the webview plugin, remove the swiper and use another created for angular and create my own controls such as buttons, tabs, etc. And remove the scss out of the view folders to compile it and load it all at the beginning of the app. That is, I have only left the ionic base because I have not had any solution and have not bothered to ask. Ionic should be very clear that the framework needs if or if the webview can be updated and the devices and has ignored devices like this meizu. I recommend not using this frameword if your app has to be used by these devices. Greetings.

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