Ionic 4 Social Sharing Plugin Change The Image Format To JPEG in IOS

In Ionic4, I’m using social sharing Plugin & called the shareWithOptions method to share image from IOS device. My image path is -


This is a TIFF image file, when I want to share this image file by using Airdrop or Gmail options, every time It’s change the right image format to JPEG.

I am also trying to send a Base64 TIFF/BMP image file format but It’s always change to JPEG image.

Here is my code,

async share() {
    var options = {
      files: [this.imgPath]


Also I try to use specific share via email option( shareViaEmail method) but the same problem is happening.

Anyone can know how to share the right image format using Ionic4. Couldn’t solve this issue, Any Ideas?