[Ionic 4] Router Navigate Null data problem

I want to show the data I have taken using “this.router.navigate” on the detail page. Some data have no description. So the detail page doesn’t open in some. How can I ignore null data?

This is my code;


    this.router.navigate(['/datadetail', { 
      'title': data.name, 
      'misdesc': data.mission.description,


  ngOnInit() {
    this.title = this.actRoute.snapshot.paramMap.get('title');
    this.missionDescription = this.actRoute.snapshot.paramMap.get('misdesc');

Two aspects of this rather short question are mysterious to me:

  • what is problematically null? mission or mission.description?
  • where are you wanting to act here? in PagePage or DetailPage?