Ionic 4 - Redirection using ion-router and ion-back-button

I’m struggling with a simple scenario. I have a list and detail pages, with the defined routes below:

{path: '/client', component: ClientListComponent},
{path: '/client/:id', component: ClientDetailComponent}

When the user is in the LIST page and clicks to add a NEW client, the router navigates to the DETAIL page using ['/client/'] (empty id). I would like to redirect the user to ['/client/999'], 999 being the generated id, after the user successfully saves the client, replacing the URL in the browser history and in the NavController stack as well.

I have tried several variations of the Router and NavController methods, but looks like NavController is not prepared to replace the component in its internal stack as I would expect.

For example, after a successful saving, if I navigate using this.router.navigate([999], { replaceUrl: true }) the redirection works, but the unwanted result happens when the user clicks in the BACK BUTTON generated by <ion-back-button>: instead of being back to the LIST page, the user is taken back to the DETAIL page with empty ID. If the NAVIGATOR BACK button is used, then the result is the expected, and the user goes to the LIST page directly.