Ionic 4 MVC architecture

Hi, I’m a final year student current developing a mobile application using Ionic framework. I know that Ionic uses MVC architecture but some how I still can’t see the flow of data from model, view and controller. The mobile app that I’m developing right now currently uses MySQL as its database. Refering to the image, when I created a new page using “ionic g page badminton” it will automatically generate few file inside the badminton folder. The view is, the controller is so does anyone know where is the module? Is it the badminton.module.ts? Sorry for asking a lot of question. Thank you in advance


Sorry if there’s nothing to this, but I just can’t shake the notion that you’re conflating “model” and “module” here. “Module” is a code organization artifact (that frankly if you’re new to the framework will likely cause you lots of frustration and I would recommend avoiding as much as possible), while “model” refers to what I prefer to “business objects” - things that describe human-relatable concepts organizing the information your app processes. So if you’re writing an app that has something to do with badminton, this would likely be things like Player, Game, Tournament and so on.

Your questions relate to angular not ionic, if u ask me

Where the model is no longer that clear in sngular or mandatory unless u use interface to strong type the business objects @rapropos is referring to.

AngularJS had mvc more distinctly present but then giving discussions on what to put in the model or the controller

I wonder if u can call it mvc at all.

Check the architecture of angular to make your own opinion

Thanks for the advice and clearing up what is “module” and “model”.