Ionic 4 & Local Notification

I’m trying to use local notification with Ionic 4
I’ve found only one cordova plugin partial working (beta)

I see that location trigger working only for Ios, anyway i’ve a question if someone used it
This is my code:

        id: 4,
        title: 'welcome !',
        text: 'Click here !!',
        sound: this.setSoundOnEntry(),
        trigger: {
          type: 'location',
          center: [this.x, this.y],
          radius: this.radius,
          notifyOnEntry: true,
          notifyOnExit: false,
          single: true
        vibrate: true,
        foreground: true

  setSoundOnEntry() {
    if ('android')) {
      return 'file://assets/sounds/1102.mp3';
    } else {
      return 'file://assets/sounds/1102.caf';

when user enter on defined area ios detect it and show notification to user, the he can tap or not over it now or later

I need to capture notification datetime…

Thanks for help

Hi what exactly is the issue with the code implemented? Is this code working and your just trying to store the data of datetime?

Hi, my issues:

  1. location trigger working only for Ios
  2. how can i get datetime when trigger start
  3. on repo there’s beta2 but also beta3, which is last ?
  4. talking with author of this plugin he said that he not working more on it :frowning: are there alternatives?


if ('android')) change to if ('cordova'))

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I’m also currently trying to get the notification to show on my app, how did you catch the trigger? with background geolocation?

i’ve tried this: