Ionic 4 issue with form inside modal

I found an anoying bug that start from Ionic 4 beta 18 and still exist in RC1. Happening on android.

When working with a form inside a modal, if you close the modal while keyboard is open (like when you have a save button in the header or footer that save and close the modal), if you edit a field from a certain distance from the top of the screen, an invisible overlay stay and block all interraction with elements (litteraly prevent user to…use app and force him to kill and restart).

Yeah, it’s very specific…and I can’t believe I’m the only one to know that bug exist.

I’ve record an example on my pc of what I mean (even if the bug only occur on android with virtual keyboard) for better understanding.!

If you’re interrested to try it, I’ve made a simple case here :

I’ve put more information here :

Since it appear that nobody found that bug, I wonder if, doing a form inside modal is a good practice.