Ionic 4 IOS platform Send SMS without opening SMS app

I am using Ionic 4 and l have managed to send an SMS without using the SMS application on ANDROID now i want to implement this on IOS platform and l have done it and it keeps on opening the SMS application.

The reason l want to send SMS in the background is because when you tap an alert button it makes a call and at the same time send SMS in the background with the users current location.

IOS is giving SMS view and call screens at the same time.

My App is an SOS Alert which Makes a call at the same time send SMS behind the scenes with exact address

Your assistance will be much appreciated.

I don’t think that this is possible on iOS. I think you have to call your own Backend (if you have one) and use an SMS Provider for sending a Message

thank for your quick response is there a recommendation, l wanted the charge to be on the clients sms bill

iOS doesn’t offer that: Technical Q&A QA1944: Sending SMS Programmatically

I see thanks l will have to search for some api to send sms will check firebase messaging