Ionic 4 ionViewWillLeave equivalent


Hi, what’s the equivalent to ionViewWillLeave in ionic v4?


Which version are you using?

I’m using 4.1.2 and ionWillViewLeave works. It pops up after the other page has loaded though. Looks like a delay.

    console.log('Leaving Sign in Page');



It’s a bit confusing, but framework and CLI versions are totally unrelated. OP is asking about framework v4, and you’re talking about the CLI version.

First thing I would try is CanDeactivate.


In Ionic v4 ionViewWillLeave still exists

For reference:

I think the confusion comes from the documentation which could be a bit misleading, according the amount of question about this subject. The only lifecycle, as far as I know, which doesn’t exist in v4 anymore is ionViewDidLoad, this has to be replaced with ngOnInit

Ionic 4 - Listening to View Did Enter in Component

thank you, you are right