Ionic 4 inappbrowser https proxy issue

I’m basically using Ionic 4 to build an IOS Application. I use the InAppBrowser to open a remote URL ( Private network only, uses proxy) to enter credentials, And I capture the token which is generated in a different URL. Redirection fails due to HTTPS Proxy.

The error received is,
WebFilterIsActive returning: NO

2020-01-07 09:34:19.517631+0000 MyApp[89642:543584] CDVWebViewDelegate: Detected redirect when loadCount=0

2020-01-07 09:34:20.838758+0000 MyApp[89642:544500] HTTPS Proxy Connection [7] received status code 502

2020-01-07 09:34:20.850462+0000 MyApp[89642:544500] Task <735E1F20-B3F6-4694-B044-F0066861474D>.<0> HTTP load failed, 0/0 bytes (error code: 310 [4:-2096])

2020-01-07 09:34:20.850749+0000 MyApp[89642:544481] NSURLConnection finished with error - code 310

2020-01-07 09:34:20.853417+0000 MyApp[89642:543584] webView:didFailLoadWithError - 310: There was a problem communicating with the secure web proxy server (HTTPS).

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