Ionic 4 in creator


ionic 4 support for creator, does anyone know anything about this to share?
Is it in the planning?
Thank you!


See this comment on the Ionic 4 announcement blog post:


thank you! much appreciated.


I don’t see the reply. Finally suport Ionic 4?


Follow the link I posted above. It shows that Creator will (and does) not support Ionic 4.


I think the comment in the link has been deleted.
Just to clarify, does your comment mean creator “will not” support Ionic 4?

Anyone got any other suggestions for rapid prototyping of Ionic 4 apps?


No, the link still works and anchors to this:


Ah cheers for the image. Weird I can’t see those replies. Guess you have to be logged in.


lol wut? disqus is strange.