Ionic 4: Broken menu and content on ios

I have a problem which is better described in GIF:

the bug

The parent page is “Challenges” and it contains a link to “Challenge creation”. The bug happens when you go to that link and then open “Challenges” again (see the GIF).

The real app is more complex and after a lot of time of debugging I tried to remove components/services/utils one by one and I ended up with a simplest app of two pages. The bug is still there. It happens only in “ios” mode. I think it’s somehow affected by ionic animations. Maybe the menu is moved too far to the left when it hides and it pulls the content to the left as well.

I tried:

  • different browsers (btw it happens on a real device too)
  • different computers
  • to create a new ionic project with similar functionality of two pages (which works fine) and compare it to my project

Nothing helped. Has anybody faced this bug?

Source code: