Ionic 4 Angular proper routing approach

Hello I have a problem with same routes /activities:name that for example /activities/supplies is used for POST or PUT method based on params provided isEditModeOn. However it works only when I’m navigating to the route for the first time.

When I navigate to the route multiple times it just output old outdated data from previous params.

Do I really need to create different pages like plain activities:name and activities:name-edit ?
Thank you for any suggestion :pray:

Function where I navigate to the page:

let navigationExtras: NavigationExtras = {
      state: {
        date: this.reportDate,
        href: this.getCurrentUrlWithoutTabs(this.router.url),
        report: data,
        editMode: true,
        reportData: report,
        previewMode: preview
      replaceUrl: true,
      skipLocationChange: true
    let backHref = 'daily-overview'
    this.router.navigateByUrl(`/tabs/activities/${pageUrl}`, navigationExtras)
    .then(() => this.router.navigate([`/tabs/activities/${pageUrl}`]))

App routing module

    path: 'activities/:name',
    loadChildren: () =>
      import('./pages/activities/activities-routing.module').then(m => m.ActivitiesRoutingModule)

Found the solution provided by Mostafa Harb in stackoverflow