Ionic 3 lazy loading make lag with large html file

Yeah, it is too much. But it is neccessery html to show item. How can i shift it to controller?

Can you show screenshots what that would look like when rendered? Please screenshot all pages of it so we can get a full picture.

Some thoughts on the code:

  • First 230 lines checking states could be done in the controller. Produce a multi dimensional array that matches the structure of the html. Values are either mXSResult.g3[x].xoso or null - on null the template outputs a spinner, otherwise the data.
    Or should this first show spinners and then switch over to the data when loaded dynamically?
  • In general: all these code block repeats multiple times. Just build each one into a component that takes some arguments.
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Seem like reducing the HTML is the only choice for me. Thank you for helping me. I will follow your advice

If you just had the HTML that would probably be no problem. But you have ngIf and ngFor in there which triggers checks and calls all the time. Combined with the amount of HTML this is probably just too much.

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