Ionic 3 - IOS APNS notification not passing data from Lock Screen to App

My Ionic 3 IOS application receives APNS and the same is listed in status bar if the device is locked. On tap of the notification item, I have written a logic to perform. But it is not working. Below is the code snippet.

pushObject.on('notification').subscribe((notification: any) => {
    if (notification.additionalData.TYPE === 'APPROVAL') {
           navCtrl.setRoot(HomePage, { message: notification, type: "Approval" });
    else {
           navCtrl.setRoot(HomePage, { message: notification, type: "Notification" });

On tap of notification from IOS device lock screen, it opens the application but the data I pass were not available.

If the application is minimised and on tap of notification from status bar, it carries the data and the process is clear without any issues. But if the application is killed from background and tap of notification from status bar, it does not carry the data.

IOS version:- 13.3.1

Ionic version :- 3.20.0

Ionic push notification plugin :- 2.3.0 -

(Recently updated the push notification plugin for the breaking changes in getting APNS token)