Ionic 3 how to group array object by date


I have an array and I want to display it by group with label.

Please see the screenshot of the sample array

I want to achieve

você pode adicionar a data como a chave do array, por exemplo a data 10/11/2018, na key do array ficaria 20181110, e coloque para ordenar de forma decrescente.

I solved it

       let currentLetter = false;
        let currentContacts = [];
        let currentDatas = [];

    for(let i = 0; i < this.dataFinalPota.length; i++) {
        this.ahh = this.dataFinalPota[i].matchTime.slice(0,7);
        if(this.ahh != currentLetter) {
          currentLetter = this.ahh;
          let newGroup = {
                letter: currentLetter,
                contacts: [],
                taes: []
           currentContacts = newGroup.contacts;
           currentDatas = newGroup.taes;

The code in the above post has a serious flaw. Controller-level object properties should not churn needlessly within a function. There is no good reason for having this.ahh be an object property. It should instead be lexically scoped.