IONIC 3, google plus issue (log out)

I have an application that use the firebase/google auth, when i was on ionic 2 the log in and log out method works fine but then i just updated to the ionic 3 and the log out method doesnt work anymore.


The log in method still working so the problem cant the de cordova dependencie, anyone have the same issue? in the console log only says “try to log out” but that never happens.

I am also having the same problem. I am running an Android emulator with API 22.
I am using Ionic 3.

The login method was not working but I fixed it by signing the app with the correct SHA1 hash in Firebase Console. However, the logout method is still not working.

This really sucks.

I am also having this problem with Ionic 4. I am going to ditch google Oauth.

Any news about that issue?

Here, the same. The login is working like a charm but not logout…

By the way, firebase login and logout are working fine in the browser but google plus plugin Cordova no working on a real device