Ionic 3 added new files in pages after --prod --release

I have a bunch of new files that have been added in every page folder and provider folder, including .js files with same page name and file. These do not seem to be updating if I run a build i.e. android ionic cordova build android

Each has at the end of the page


Why are they added and how do I remove or update them automatically when .ts files for corresponding page have changed

They are source map files, for example:

npm run build --sourcemaps


  "config": {
    "ionic_source_map_type": "source-map",
    "ionic_generate_source_map": true,
    "ionic_move_source_maps": true

I updated the package.json file and put false for both the options. And ran npm run build --sourcemaps.

They are still showing in the folder. Is it possible to remove all of them?

(Also are you sure they dont go in the ionic.config.json file instead of package.jsonā€¦?)